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Ningbo Zhongye Electronic Technology was established in 2007. It is located in the golden area of Ningbo National High-tech Zone. It has a factory area of more than 30,000 square meters and a garden-like modern office plant. The company specializes in the research and development and production of medical devices and physical disinfection and sterilization products, and has obtained the product registration certificate and production license for medical and disinfection and sterilization recorded by the State Drug Administration. The company's main products are: thermometers, physical disinfection and sterilization air purifiers, physical disinfection and sterilization clothing, physical disinfection and sterilization crafts, Physical disinfection and sterilization daily necessities, ventilator, artificial intelligence, urban intelligent control and other related products.
The company has a complete technical innovation system and quality management system. The company's infrared thermometer has advanced technology and advanced technology at the international advanced level, with a daily production capacity of 80,000 units. It has obtained CE and FDA registrations and is exported to the world. After accumulating for more than ten years, the company joined the epidemic prevention army at the beginning of this year, determined to contribute to the epidemic prevention cause worldwide. At present, we have successfully developed the world's first physical disinfection and sterilization air purifier and physical disinfection and sterilization series products, which are favored by all walks of life and have begun mass supply. In the near future, these products will serve the world and create a clean, A sterile, non-toxic green earth, escort the health of people around the world.

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